Your suppliers use credit insurance. Have you investigated its benefits for your business?

Euler Hermes credit insurance solutions allow you to:

  • Expand your sales safely, offer better terms to new customers and raise limits for
    existing customers.

  • Avoid bad debts and prequalify trading partners by utilizing our proprietary
    database to evaluate the credit risks that could impact your customers’
    creditworthiness and your bottom line.

  • Increase your competitive advantage by offering open terms overseas and
    eliminating the need for cash in advance or letters of credit.

  • Reduce bad debt reserves by leveraging the protection of credit insurance and
    reallocating the capital toward your growing business.

  • Obtain more favorable financing options since insured receivables translate to
    secured collateral.

  • Reduce your tax burden by leveraging credit insurance premiums as operating
    expenses as opposed to bad debt write offs that reduce your profit.


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