Social responsibility

At Euler Hermes, being responsible implies concrete actions related to the environment, customer service, diversity and human resources. ​

  • Sustainable regional development and employment
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Environmental information
We encourage concrete local engagements and are proud of our subsidiaries conducting humanitarian projects via foundations and permanent NGOs.​


These two subsidiaries have introduced a system of matching employer contributions for aid donated by their staff. In 2011, Euler Hermes Germany matched its employees’ donations to the “Allianz Aid for Japan” scheme and those to local associations (e.g. blood donation). For its part, Euler Hermes UK matched its employees’ donations to the British Heart Foundation and to various hospitals.


For the second year running, Euler Hermes U.S. has given its support to the Cristo Rey networks, which helps young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to obtain higher education. It offers them the possibility of training while acquiring work experience that also helps finance their studies. In this context, Euler Hermes U.S. offered trainee positions to underprivileged young people from Baltimore and four members of its staff took part in “Cristo Rey’s Business Boot Camp” organized to prepare students for the coming school year and their future job.
For the past 11 years, Euler Hermes U.S. has matched employee donations to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. The US subsidiary also aids the Maryland food bank.


Euler Hermes France has signed a three-year partnership agreement with the IESEG business school under which the company’s chairman Ludovic Sénécaut inaugurated a new amphitheatre. Euler Hermes France has also undertaken to take on young graduates, trainees and apprentices from the school. Five graduates and students worked for the company in 2011.

For the second year in a row, Euler Hermes’ Paris-based staff members were invited to take part in the inter-company race organized in aid of “Action contre la faim”. They also took part alongside other Allianz companies in the “La Parisienne” race in aid of breast cancer research.


The Italian subsidiary continued to show its commitment to children in 2011, by encouraging the adoption of African children and by sponsoring the Children’s City.


2011 saw the launch of the “Referrals change the world” sponsorship programme. Each client that provides the name of one or more companies willing to meet Euler Hermes is allocated a donation that it can give to the NGO it chooses: Save the children, Red Cross or World Wildlife Fund. Euler Hermes companies in the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands already participate in this programme.


Euler Hermes has since 2010 been a contributor to Allianz Social OPEX (SOPEX). In 2011, several staff members dedicated a week to NGOs in order to develop solutions using the OPEX methodology.  

Generating sustainable development

Since 2001, Euler Hermes has focused on promoting the five values we share with the Allianz group. These values guide the actions of each employee to enable the group to achieve its objectives, satisfy its clients and strengthen its foundations a little more each day.

Aligning strategy and communication

Through consistent and integrated strategy, actions, communications and commitments, Euler Hermes offers clients and the wider business world, clear and transparent view of its business model and client value.

This consistency helps our employees assist clients' business development and insure their trade risk. Making on our organization, integration, services and tools transparent also supports consistency and reliability.

Promoting a culture of excellence

Euler Hermes believes performance is the principal factor underpinning excellence and sustainable growth. Excellence is a constant motor for progress as we respond to the challenges of economic globalization. Our employees share and contribute to achieving a shared goal: be the preferred partner for trade receivables management worldwide.

Focusing on clients

The company invests in a multi-layered approach to adapt its infrastructure and processes,  its business information systems, sharing of best practices, training, mobility, etc.
All these initiatives place the client as the focal point of reflection and strategy. How can we improve service? How can we respond better to clients’ needs? These are the questions we ask ourselves each day as we serve our clients and deliver our business strategy. 
Euler Hermes is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations through its sustainable development policy. Related accountability processes help us make better use of human, material and natural resources worldwide.

Energy consumption

Energy-consuming equipment is checked and upgraded regularly to meet current safety, consumption and comfort standards. The Management Board has endorsed a charter governing the workplace environment which factors HQE (High Quality Environmental) standards into the equipment selection process.

In 2012, the global headquarters activities and its French subsidiary relocated their head offices to the Tour First building in La Défense, in the business district of Paris. The First building is the largest renovated office building in France to obtain an HQE certification. Its carbon gas emissions and energy consumption are 65% lower than those of traditional office buildings.

Sustainable suppliers

The Group’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its choice of suppliers, based on their commitment to recovering and recycling materials at the end of their lifecycle.  Waste sorting is systematized in many offices.

Paper consumption

Paper consumption has traditionaly been a major concern for the Group. In 2003, Euler Hermes developed Euler Hermes OnLine Information Service (Eolis), a secure extranet portal designed to enable its clients and business partners to manage their insurance policies online. EOLIS is now available in 31 countries and 17 languages, and 97% of credit limit requests are made online.

The company has also strengthened its strategy of paperless relationships with clients. In 2012 for example, the French subsidiary launched an electronic safe for clients and brokers. This secure archiving service enables all documents relating to management of insurance policies, previously sent and received in paper form, to be received and stored in electronic form without losing their value as proof.

Carbon neutral website

Euler Hermes also plays its part in reducing the global carbon footprint. Since November 2010, Euler Hermes’ websites have been certified "carbon neutral". The energy used by the servers and connections to Euler Hermes websites is offset by a contribution paid to European projects for financing the development of renewable energy sources. This initiative has been taken in partnership with the Danish association CO2 Neutral Website and the European Union.

For business travel, Euler Hermes encourages the use of rail rather than air whenever the distance permits.  The company car fleet is also regularly renewed to take advantage of the latest anti-pollution standards introduced by carmakers.