How to apply?




Your Online Application is only 2 Steps Away…

1. Online Job search 

1. Click on a location

The map on the page “
Search for jobs worldwide” will show you the number of jobs available on each continent. Click on the location where you would like to work.

As soon as you click on a continent, two things will happen:
  • The map will display the countries of the selected continent 
  • The job results will automatically show the jobs available on the selected continent 

2. Select your criteria

Narrow your search by using the “Area of expertise”, “Job level”. 

The dropdown boxes will show you the job titles and the total number of jobs available for the chosen categories. If there are no available jobs in a category (i.e. accounting), the job title will not be displayed.

3. Apply for the job

Click on the job title of interest. Then click on “apply”.


2. Fill online application

Filling your online application requires that you register at the online application system. 


If you are already a registered candidate, please go to login using you login data.
Forgot your login information? Recover your login data by clicking on the link available for this purpose under the login fields.

The application process consists of a number of steps where you will be asked to provide relevant information (i.e. contact details, work experience, education). The completion of the application process should take no longer than 15 minutes.

After completion you will receive confirmation on the screen, and an email stating that your application was successfully sent. 


In order to create your profile, you need to:
Would you like your profile to be viewed by our recruiters?

If you choose to release your profile recruiters from other Allianz companies will then have access to you when conducting searches in the global talent pool. If you do not want to be contacted about other job opportunities please check your profile status and make sure the checkbox releasing your profile is unchecked.
Go through the application wizard
Please fill out all fields of the application wizard or alternatively submit a max 2 page concise CV (PDF or Microsoft Word Format). Don’t forget to mention special/unique experiences, achievements and projects.

Submitting your cover letter online

Your cover letter will help us to understand your interest in our company and how you can best contribute to Euler Hermes
  • In your cover letter focus on yourself - tell us what we don’t know from your CV or perhaps what we won’t expect. 
  • Be proud about strengths and open about weaknesses or areas for improvement (we consider self-awareness, transparency and drive to work on yourself to be a strength). 
  • Don’t hesitate to tell us a little about your personal interests so we know what makes you unique.

Preparing for your interview

​We would like the interview to be a very honest, detailed and open exchange to identify whether there is a match between yourself and the position at Euler Hermes. This requires an open spirit on both sides.  A selection is made based on objective criteria. 
Here are some tips for your interview:

The category “questions not to be asked” does not exist. Feel free to ask everything that is important for you and your decision making.

Try to gather all information that is critical for your decision making. Our website is a mine of information on our company. The corporate and solutions sections will help you to understand our values and strategy. It is helpful to prepare some key questions in advance.

We define ourselves as a ‘learning organization’ and, therefore, expect everybody to continuously work on areas for improvement. Please take some time prior to the interview to think about what are your particular strengths but also what are your weaknesses and how you are addressing those (be assured everybody has them!).

If you have done any 360 degree feedback reports or psychometric test results, and are willing to share the results, we would greatly appreciate it if you would bring them to the interview.

​Candidate Workspace 

The Candidate Workspace is your very personal space within the pool of candidates who are interested in Allianz as an employer. It is your gateway to the challenging, diverse and unique opportunities at many Allianz companies.

Applicants can save a detailed online resume, create a job agent and then receive regular updates on job opportunities that match their profile.


Unsolicited applications 

In case there are currently no job postings of interest at Allianz you can deposit your profile under “Search for jobs worldwide”. There you can create a job agent which will notify you by email as soon as a job matches your criteria.    

In order to create a job agent at Allianz Careers, you need to:

  • Login to your profile
  • Click on "+Add job agent", select the criteria and then click on save.
The next time a job vacancy matches your criteria, an email with a link to the job posting will be sent to you.

​​​Contact person for your application


Please note: We only accept applications via our Global Talent Pool. Please use our Online-Tool for your application at Allianz.