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Trade Agreements and the Canadian Economy: Risks and Opportunities

Global trade is now under attack and we are on the verge of a dangerous trade war. New protectionist measures and tariffs are being imposed in a tit-for-tat manner. In addition, NAFTA is being re-negotiated and the outcome is uncertain. In this environment, particularly since 30% of Canadian GDP is exports, CETA has become all the more important since it provides a new market for Canadian exporters of 500 million people in 28 countries.

Canada EH CEO, David Dienesch and EHNA Chief Economist, Dan North on August 9 talk about Trade Agreements and the Canadian Economy.


"The webinar showed a deep geopolitical & economic knowledge of the realities faced by Canadian firms exporting to the world. Euler's critical analysis lays the groundwork for fast decisions and profitable business.                                                                                                                             - Rob Moore, Managing Director, White Box Food Co. Ltd. 


The Outlook for the North American Economy




Dan North's Webinar Outlook for the North American Economy, originally recorded on December 7, 2017.