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Customer Centricity is at the heart of our service philosophy.

We believe in a proactive approach when it comes to building client relationships and we embrace the opportunity to be a key resource in our customers’ credit management processes. In 2013 alone, our Business Consultants and Risk Underwriters initiated over 5,000 policyholder visits and conferences across the Americas region assisting clients in making sound credit decisions about new and existing buyers around the globe. 
Our knowledge serving your success is not just our motto, it is our mission.

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The Advisory and Solution Department (ASD) is a diversified renewal underwriting team within the customer service department.

The ASD team resolves issues related to Risk, Claims, Commercial, Collections, and Finance. ASD also allows for more efficient service by routing customer service concerns directly to a dedicated staff member with no unnecessary delays and no automated directories. 

Who can use these serviceS?

  • Customers
  • Brokers
  • Banks
  • Agents
  • Buyers
  • Other associates
Since its inception in June 2011, ASD has handled over 100,000 customer inquiries. In 2013, our relationship managers and risk underwriters initiated over 4,000 policyholder visits and conferences across the Americas.
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Here are some recent comments from our policy holderS:

  • “I appreciate the information the ASD team can give me about our customers. It helps me in quickly determining our credit decisions.”

    ASD benefit: Our team has over 60 years combined credit insurance experience, and they have commercial underwriting authority.

  • “The ASD team has been very useful. I get responses quickly with the answers I need. The people are very knowledgeable and seem to go out of their way to assist with any of my needs.”

    ASD benefit: 95% of all inquiries result in one-call resolution.

  • “The ASD team has always been extremely prompt in their response and willing to go the extra step to be certain all questions have been answered.”

    ASD benefit: 77% of issues are resolved within 5 minutes.

  • “I really appreciate the help I get from the people at Euler Hermes. I was new and very nervous working with an insurance company I didn’t know, but everyone was very accommodating. I wish everyone I dealt with were as nice and pleasant as the customer service team at Euler Hermes….they are all great. I have never met such accommodating people in my life.”

    ASD benefit: Our Knowledge Serving Your Success is not only our company mission, but also a guide for our customer service!
      Additional benefits:
  • State-of-the-art communication: All voicemail is instantly converted to emails with audio clips, which our staff retrieve within minutes.
  • When inquiries are forwarded to a second tier of service, the Advisory and Solution Department guides the process to completion.

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Call the Advisory and Solution Department today!

No automated phone maze to navigate through:
All calls are immediately routed to a member of our team. Qualified analysts are available 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST to assist with your policy management needs.
Tel: 888-269-5653
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