Everyday credit knowledge. Non-cancellable coverage.

For years, two very different risk protection solutions have been available to companies wishing to grow sales while protecting their bottom line against bad debt risk – a traditional trade credit insurance policy or non-cancellable (“non-can”) coverage. Euler Hermes Duo bridges the best attributes of both solutions into a single, premium offering.

EH Duo allows companies to gain access to world-leading credit knowledge and protection on current and prospective buyers to safely grow sales, while locking in coverage on their most important buyers.

With EH Duo, qualifying applicants can:


Access world-leading credit knowledge on current and prospective buyers


Establish non-cancellable coverage on your most important buyers


Protect cash flow with limited risk sharing


Eliminate the administrative burden of managing a large discretionary credit limit


Limit compliance responsibility and gain full assurance that claims will be paid. 

Duo may be a good fit for your company if you have:

  • Annual B2B sales on credit terms of $25 million and above

  • Established credit management staff with written policies and procedures


Find out how Euler Hermes Duo can help your business: