Euler Hermes Excess of Loss (XoL) cover: The solution for large and multinational companies with an experienced and proven credit management team seeking protection from exceptional trade credit losses 

Euler Hermes offers Excess of Loss (XoL) insurance options through an experienced U.S.-based team, which allows us to provide flexible and innovative solutions for our clients and broker partners. With the ability to manage credit risk through tailor-made programs and a network of strategic risk underwriters located in 52 countries throughout the world, businesses can improve their balance sheet efficiency, which translates into safe and successful growth.


  • A wide range of approaches: From a centralized traditional Excess of Loss (XoL) program to a hybrid structure leveraging both XoL policy and full-limit service policy features
  • Non-cancellable credit and country limits 
  • Group buyer limits 
  • High levels of discretionary credit limit authority
  • One point of contact for all policy issues with direct access to decision makers
  • Premiums, which may be based upon insurable sales, approved buyer limits or outstanding A/R
  • An experienced global solutions team
  • The proven infrastructure of Euler Hermes and Allianz


  • Whole Turnover (Excess of Loss basis)
  • Key Account
  • Top Up (Excess of Primary)
  • Captive solutions 
  • Receivable Purchase Programs
  • Policies in support of clients’ financing
  • Trade-related single risks with the potential to expand into a portfolio or Excess of Loss solution 
  • Multi-insurer syndication of insured portfolios 
  • Domestic-only coverage, export-only coverage or a combination of both
John Pellew, Managing Director and Head of XoL (Americas):
“With the Excess of Loss product, Euler Hermes is the only carrier globally with the flexibility to offer ground-up Excess of Loss solutions, thus being a true one-stop shop for all types of companies worldwide. Our XoL policy is designed for companies with an experienced and sophisticated credit management team where the policy complements the work of the credit department who manage credit risks through effective credit controls, tools and corporate governance procedures. 
An XoL policy offers the protection these companies desire while allowing them to manage their day-to-day operations without imposing undue policy administration. Euler Hermes’ Excess of Loss customers are also able to leverage our global database of more than 40 million buyers and local underwriting presence in 52 countries. This is a very exciting proposition for our insureds.”

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