Country Risk Map

As the world leader in trade credit insurance, Euler Hermes continuously monitors risk across the globe.  

The Euler Hermes Interactive World Risk Map is a tool that helps you make informed decisions about international business activity. By clicking around the country risk map (which includes 241 countries and territories), you can view: the country’s risk level, GDP, GDP per capita, population and Euler Hermes’ country grade.


Euler Hermes’ ratings assess the risk of non-payment by companies in a given country. Our methodology consists of analyzing hundreds of economic indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, to provide the best understanding of the economic, political, business, commercial and financing risks. 


Sources: Euler Hermes' country risk ratings as of 27/06/2018. GDP, per capita GDP and population data are from the International Monetary Fund.

> Download the Country Risk Map Q2 2018

> Download the Country Risk Ratings Q2 2018


Our risk ratings have a short-term element (country risk level) and a medium-term element (country grade). The country risk level measures the possibility of payment disruption in the next 6-12 months by focusing on economic output, commercial risk and macroeconomic indicators that can signal financial crisis or disruption to financing flows. The country grade measures the risk of payment disruption in the next two years by analyzing economic structure, business environment and political risk within the country. Within the country risk map, each country is given one of the following ratings: Low risk, Medium risk, Sensitive risk or High risk.