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These publications provide our clients with state-of-the-art economic knowledge about country and sector risks, business insolvency trends, and macroeconomic developments. Special reports focus on underlying trends that affect the business environment.

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EO%201235-1236%20-%20EN High Stakes Game: Payment Behavior, Cash Piles and Major Insolvencies - July 2017
Turnovers are growing but so are input costs and the jaw effect on companies can be important. Credit is still cheap but time has come to wean the private sector off abundant liquidity. And of course, when it comes to political risk, all bets are off. From payment behavior to cash piles to major insolvencies, companies will have to gamble a little if they want to break the bank this year yet you should never roll the dice when it comes to payment risk.​ (read more).
Retail, Disrupted: Pressure and Potential in the Digital Age - June 2017
As much as we like to share the awe and wonder the global economy has in store for economists, we have to spell out one harsh truth. 2017 will neither be MARVEL-lous, nor comic, nor super. But it may have more in common with those superheroes in Marvel’s comic books you used to read as a child. They have all matured into blockbuster movies and adult-size costumes and most likely invaded a supermarket near you (read more).

Superheroes, sidekicks and villains: The Guardians of the economy - January 2017
Whatever the adjective, whatever the angle, all of these seem to boil down to the one meta-buzzword of our epoch: Customer Experience (CX). It might be tempting to dismiss it as hype. But the quest for CX is reshaping the multi-billion industry that is retail. It is also threatening millions of jobs, as employees of insolvent giant chains sadly learn almost on a daily basis(read more).
cover-economic-outlook-1230-1231 Insolvencies: The tip of the iceberg - November/December 2016

Our annual Insolvencies issue reflects on the economic events of 2016 and looks forward to what we expect to see in the global economy in 2017.  And to wrap up a year as eventful as 2016 (an understatement), our Economic Research team kicks off this issue with a very special adaptation of Let It Go, the hit theme song to the movie, Frozen.  Sure, it took you a year to get the original version out of your head, but we invite you to enjoy “Let It Flow,” a special version for Credit Managers and CFOs across the world (read more​).


​​Trade Wars: The Force Weakens - October 2016

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is tasked with raising his X-wing from the swamp but he complains that it is too big, which frustrates Yoda — size matters not when it comes to the Force and to life. While resilient (so far), the global economy is experiencing a succession of little (and not so little) crises from Brexit to the end of the BRICS armor, which can break the compass of many companies, especially those who still want to try their luck abroad (read more).

Public bumpers for the automotive market - September 2016

The Paris Motor Show opens in Paris on October 1, 2016. The timing is right for our special edition on the auto industry. This year, there are two notable trends. The first is greater intervention by public policy in market dynamics. The second is the growing public fascination with the future of the sector and in particular the autonomous car (read full report).

The Price of Growth - August 2016
Global growth could slow this year to +2.4% and might accelerate marginally in 2017 (+2.7%). +The slowdown in prices has pushed down nominal growth, turnovers, and trade both domestically and abroad. This priceless growth is set to cause a rise in insolvencies by +1% this year and in 2017: the first rise since the great recession (read full report). 
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