These publications provide our clients with state-of-the-art economic knowledge about country and sector risks, business insolvency trends, and macroeconomic developments. Special reports focus on underlying trends that affect the business environment.


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​​Trade Wars: The Force Weakens - October 2016

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is tasked with raising his X-wing from the swamp but he complains that it is too big, which frustrates Yoda — size matters not when it comes to the Force and to life. While resilient (so far), the global economy is experiencing a succession of little (and not so little) crises from Brexit to the end of the BRICS armor, which can break the compass of many companies, especially those who still want to try their luck abroad (read more).

Public bumpers for the automotive market - September 2016

The Paris Motor Show opens in Paris on October 1, 2016. The timing is right for our special edition on the auto industry. This year, there are two notable trends. The first is greater intervention by public policy in market dynamics. The second is the growing public fascination with the future of the sector and in particular the autonomous car (read full report).

The Price of Growth - August 2016
Global growth could slow this year to +2.4% and might accelerate marginally in 2017 (+2.7%). +The slowdown in prices has pushed down nominal growth, turnovers, and trade both domestically and abroad. This priceless growth is set to cause a rise in insolvencies by +1% this year and in 2017: the first rise since the great recession (read full report). 

Around the world in eight maps. - July/August 2016

Maps can tell you more than just where something is. In the latest installment of our Economic Outlook, our economists take a comprehensive look at several key indicators of the global economy (rea​d full re​port).​

Euler Hermes Economic Outlook - Sector Games - Canada

Let the Sector games begin - February 2016

2015 was a rough year. Euler Hermes chronicled 148 industry downgrades for only 76 upgrades. Metals and Machinery & equipment were the hardest hit sectors. Latin America and GCC countries had the most downgrades. In 2016, companies will have to develop the characteristics of professional athletes
(rea​d full report).
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The 7 dwarfs of global growth - January 2016

The global economy will grow at a modest pace in 2016, but there is room for cautious optimism. In our economic outlook, we explore the 7 dwarfs of the global economy. By these we refer to miniscule drivers of economic growth, including, for example, Sleepy trade and the Happy consumer (read full report).​
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