What is Eolis?



EOLIS is the Euler Hermes Online Information Service. Available to every Euler Hermes policyholder, EOLIS is a day-to-day secure online management solution for all your trade receivables management, wherever your clients and prospects are based. And in real time.

discover how you can optimize your risk management with eolis

Why should you use EOLIS?

EOLIS is much more than just a simple monitoring tool. You can use it to submit credit limit requests and receive an immediate answer,  helping you to move faster when market opportunities change. Thanks to EOLIS, you can better manage the overall risk in your portfolio, maximize new market opportunities and support business growth.
EOLIS delivers:
  • An easy management and monitoring tool
  • A centralized view of your credit insurance policies
  • A dynamic risk management capability
  • Significant time savings in administrative tasks
  • An interactive channel to contact dedicated expert Euler Hermes teams
  • Secure access 24/7. 

How does it work?

Your login and password give you easy, secure access to all  EOLIS' services, through any web browser, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
EOLIS automates a number of time-consuming credit management functions. Once logged in, you can see at a glance an overview of your current situation, including:
  • The details of your policy contract
  • All of your coverage requests (for new and existing buyers)
  • Overdue declarations
  • Your policy coverage and credit limit decision reports
  • Progress on any debt collection activities.